How to Run Your RMM Agent in TechUSB

Kaseya, N-Able, Labtech, and most other RMM solutions give you an agent that you can run on your clients’ computers in order to provide you with remote access. We recently added a feature that allows you to upload any linux-compatible executable to TechPortal, and have it run every time TechUSB boots.

How It Works

First you’ll need to navigate to the Integrations page on your TechPortal. Scroll down and you’ll see the TechUSB logo. From there you can upload your linux executable (usually a shell script  or a 32-bit binary).

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 4.10.09 PM

Once the upload is complete, TechUSB will automatically download and run your executable each time TechUSB Automator runs. It is important to note that an Internet connection is required, and therefore we recommend having ethernet plugged into the computer before booting TechUSB.

This simple, but powerful new feature has the potential to prevent you from having to send a tech to a client’s premises. If you can leave a few TechUSB drives with your clients and walk them through booting into it over the phone, you can immediately have access to their computer for diagnostics outside of the Host OS. Cool right?

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Erik Sandberg
CTO & Co-Founder


  1. Would the TechUSB linux executable for remote access worth with Teamviewer Quick Support?

    • Yes, theoretically it should work as long as TechUSB has access to the internet when TechUSB Automator starts up. TechUSB has support for wifi, but your best bet is ethernet obviously because it’s instant.

      Edit: It’s worth noting that we haven’t specifically tested with TeamViewer.


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