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TechWARU PE Guide

A few months ago, we released a beta version of TechWARU:PE, with the intention of developing a method of using a pre-installation environment in order to remotely deploy TechWARU via an RMM agent such as Kaseya or LabTech.

While we wanted to create an application that would help automate the PE build process, we realized that repair shops and MSP’s really need to have full control and customization over building this solution.

We just released a guide so you can take control of the PE build process for TechWARU. Check it out!

Click Here to Download The TechWARU PE Guide

Why would you want a PE for TechWARU? 

If your client has a nasty infection, their computer won’t boot, or you require an environment outside of the Host OS, a PE can most likely suit your needs. It can be somewhat challenging to create a PE containing up-to-date tools that work properly, so we’ve engineered TechWARU to work within Win7PE.

Now you can run your favorite Windows utilities without interference from client specific issues. You can even upload a Windows executable to TechPortal and have TechWARU run it on boot, an incredibly useful feature for remoting into the system.

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